Bumper Dumper – The Ultimate Portable Toilet

Bumper Dumper in a hitch receiver

Stand Alone unit using a 5 gallon bucketTake A Little Wild Out Of The Wilderness
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The Bumper Dumper® is the original hitch mounted portable toilet and can be used for a variety of sanitation situations. Great for hunting, fishing, camping, off road, forestry, ranches, farms, outdoor enthusiasts, construction sites, travel, and more.  Keep for preparedness in Disaster Relief, Hurricanes, Earthquakes and other situations where a sanitation situation may occur. Use it on the coast or the plains, the mountains or the hills. It’s lightweight and so easy to use.
No other portable toilet can compare to the support, stability, ease of use and comfort that the Bumper Dumper® offers. The frame is made from quality steel that will support over 350 lbs. and comes with a standard size toilet seat.  Almost any standard size toilet seat can be mounted to the frame so you can switch to a padded seat or the favorite seat of your choice. Just slide the patented frame on to a five-gallon bucket and it can be used as a stand-alone unit as well as being mountable in a hitch receiver. Don’t forget the optional clip on TP holder. If you travel, engage in outdoor activities or find yourself in situations where restrooms are far and few in between the Bumper Dumper® is a must have item.

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The Bumper Dumper®


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Includes frame for standard 2×2 square hitch receiver and toilet seat

Clip on Toilet Paper HolderClip  on TP Holder

Easily clips on to hold a roll of toilet paper on the left or right side of the frame.


Collectable Bumper Dumper T Shirt

On the front mock pocket area

On The Back

The Collectable Bumper Dumper T Shirt has the flying fender logo on the front and Uncle Booger’s whole family on the back

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